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Knee Pain Causes, Symptoms, Care And Home Remedies

 Knee pain Causes

Knee joint pain is very common.It can occur at any age.But causes of knee pain are different in different age groups. Most common cause in early age is due to deficiency of some vitamin like vitamin C, D or due to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis or its variants.As age advances, it may be due to degenerative changes.It may be primary or secondary due to trauma or injury so-called post-traumatic. In obese or overweight person knee pain commonly occurs.

"knee pain"
How to get rid of knee pain

Consult your doctor
 Knee becomes swollen
Pain and redness occur
Inability to move
 The feeling of warmth around the knee.

Knee Pain Management

With certain precautions, we can avoid some degree of knee pain.
We can take care of our knee.                
Do not allow unnecessary weight gain.
 Take care of our diet that must be rich in vitamin C, D, and Calcium. Do not overuse knee.                        
Regular exercise is must.Sit in proper posture.
Restriction of certain activities if knee pain advances.Avoid squatting, cross leg sitting, climbing stairs.
 No to sedentary lifestyle, avoid sitting or standing for long hours
Avoid  high heel shoes for a long time
Take a diet rich in vitamin C, D and calcium.

Knee Pain Home Remedies

Intake of carrots
Carrots are a Chinese remedy for knee joint pain. Eat two raw grated carrots with lemon juice. Carrots help to relieve joint pain.
Fenugreek seeds
Take two teaspoon fenugreek seeds soaked in water overnight. In the morning strain them and consume it. This is an instant home remedy for joint pain.
Eat onions
Onions have phytochemicals and sulphur compounds. It is anti-inflammatory so reduces the pain.
Drink more water
Water keeps the body hydrated so wash out the toxins from our body. Proper intake of water is necessary for good health.
Turmeric with milk
This is one of the old Indian remedies for any kind of joint pain.
Drink turmeric with lukewarm milk because of its antiseptic properties.
Flaxseed, sesame seed and walnut are rich in calcium.
Ginger has anti-inflammatory so drink ginger tea or apply ginger oil locally.
Try all these things and with certain precautions, we can prevent our knee pain. 
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