Obesity and Overweight not good for Health – Control It

 Obesity and Overweight
Obesity and weight loss have become major issues again. This time, the focus is more on health than appearance. The more fat you have surrounding your abdominal cavity organs, the more vulnerable you are to metabolic syndrome leading to diabetes, high, blood pressure non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, various coronary diseases, and cancer.
Overweight And Obesity

Obesity means an excess amount of body fat.
Overweight means an excess amount of body weight due to muscles, bone, fat, and water.
When there is an imbalance in calories taken and calories expenditure.Obesity and overweight occur when a person eats more calories and burn fewer calories.Body use energy for life functions.This energy comes in the form of calories from food.Those extra calories accumulated in the body and person become obese or overweight.Many factors are responsible for this like gene, eating habits, some diseases and lifestyle pattern of the person.
You can determine your obesity levels by calculating your BMI-Body mass index.
       A formula for BMI is weight in kilograms divided by height in meter square.
   BMI categories less than 18.5 underweight, 18.5-25 normal weight, 25-30 overweight, more than  30 obese.

Obesity Health Problems                                           

Common health consequences of overweight and obesity.
Raised BMI is a  risk factor for noncommunicable diseases such as:-
Cardiac disease
Some cancers-breast,ovarian,prostate,liver,kidney,colon etc.
Musculoskeletal disorders.
Fatty Liver
To prevent or to reduce weight management plan are same. You can follow healthy eating and regular exercise plan to overcome overweight and obesity.

Obesity Natural Remedies

 You can change in lifestyle and eating habits by following natural remedies.
 -In the early morning drink a half or more lemon with a warm half cup of water aids digestion.
-150 minutes walk 5 days in a week. Activities, like walking, climbing stairs and swimming to burn at least 1500-2000 calories per week, is sufficient.
-Eat whole grain foods which are rich in nutrients and fiber.
 Eat out much less and completely avoid fast and fried foods.
 Eliminate most sugar. Avoid artificial sweetener.
-Avoid refined carbohydrates from processed flours and grain.
.-Eat at least 5 serving of fruit and vegetables per day. Serving includes raw and cooked vegetables. Dry fruits and fruit juice are also included.
.Drink at least 10 – 12 glasses of water to hydrate throughout the day.
-Dalchini or Cayenne or green tea is also helpful to burn fat.
-Exercise is most important part to reduce weight.
-Do not sit more than 2 hours in front of TV and computers.
To overcome obesity and overweight strong determination of a person is a must.Chart out a plan for diet and some physical work. Do it regular and be motivated. To reach our goal motivation and determination is very important.

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