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Type 2 Diabetes Information – Causes, Symptoms and Prevention

Type 2 Diabetes Information

Type 2 Diabetes is the most common metabolic disorder in the world.
Diabetes is a chronic, debilitating disease associated with severe complications which pose severe risks for families, state and entire world.Type 2 diabetes is lifelong. As yet there is no cure. People with diabetes manage their disease to stay healthy.When we eat or drink much of our food is broken down into simple sugar glucose.Then glucose through blood goes to body cells and where it can be used to produce energy for body daily activities.Blood glucose level regulated by hormone insulin secreted from the pancreas.              Diabetic people either do not produce insulin or their body cells insulin resistant leads to rising in blood glucose level called hyperglycemia or raised blood sugar level.
Diabetes Population in 2013

Type 2 Diabetes Causes

Type 2 diabetes is the most common and more than 90% of all cases of diabetes.Both insulin resistance and insulin secretory defect(beta cell defect) are essential for the development of type 2  diabetes.Insulin resistance means a state in which a normal amount of insulin produces subnormal response
INSULIN RESISTANCE                                                            BETA CELL DEFECT
Genetic                     Environmental                                                 

Obesity physical inactivity specific genes?


Genetic syndromes

Low birth weight        
 Incretin defects
In utero defect

Type 2 diabetes  risk factors 

Family history                                     High blood pressure
Overweight and obesity                      Abnormal cholesterol
Physical inactivity                                History of hyperglycemia, gestational diabetes
  Age                                                  Prediabetes.

When glucose level raised in the blood instead of going into body cells.So cells are starved for energy.As time passes high blood glucose hurt eyes, heart, kidney and nerves.

Type 2 diabetes
Causes and symptoms of Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Constant hunger
Weight loss
Lack of energy
Dry mouth
frequent urination
Excessive thirst
Dry mouth
Itchy skin.
Blurry vision.
If the disease progresses these symptoms become severe and dangerous.As disease advances and blood sugar remain high for a long time then symptoms –
-dark patches on the skin
-yeast infection
-foot pain
-the feeling of numbness in extremities.
When taking antidiabetic drugs sometimes body insulin becomes high and blood sugar become low.
Due to hypoglycemia symptoms 
Rapid heartbeat may occur.  Patient should know how to treat this situation.
It is important to consult the doctor if having any symptoms of type 2 diabetes.If not treated in time type 2  diabetes can lead to long-term damage to the body.
You can manage and control your diabetes by some measures. Maintain your body weight and blood sugar level.
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