Breakfast Most Important Meal of the Day

Take breakfast as a king

Breakfast means to break the fast. So  breakfast  is very important for us after a long night fast. Our physical and mental performance depend on this. When we take breakfast  there is a rise in blood glucose,muscle, and liver glycogen. Our body energy level also improved. Our body really needs it because our brain gets energy only from glucose that comes from food.
"breakfast important meal"
Breakfast important meal of the day
.  After dinner when we go to sleep our body  utilizes blood glucose and liver glycogen to get energy. During sleep growth hormone  level  and protein  synthesis increases. In early morning liver glycogen, blood glucose, insulin and growth hormone level declines. To prevent a drop in blood glucose stress hormone cortisol released. Cortisol breakdown the muscle protein  and fat. Due to protein breakdown, an amino acid formed and transported to the liver and formation of glucose  occur. So to maintain blood glucose cortisol  level remains high and continuous  utilization of muscle protein have bad effects on health. People who skip the breakfast have more chances to develop diabetes type 2, metabolic syndrome , obesity and coronary heart disease than a person taking regular breakfast.

Benefits of breakfast

Boost  Our  Metabolism
After  overnight fasting when we take our first meal that is our breakfast. If we skip our breakfast  our metabolism  disturbs  and causes  gastrointestinal disturbances.  We take excess calories during the day and depends more on  unhealthy foods. When we take healthy food included carbohydrate, protein, and fiber  which speed up our metabolism and constant check on our weight. So it is good to eat to lose weight.

Satiating  Meal  Of  The  Day
Due to raise cortisol level in the morning causes a release of certain gut hormones for a whole day to reduce our appetite and give satiety feeling. If we take heavy breakfast it will reduce cortisol level  and daily calorie intake. This is helpful in the maintaining  body weight.

Effect  On  Cognitive Function
Our brain needs glucose for  proper  functioning . Breakfast  gives instant energy. By taking carb-rich breakfast improvement in cognitive function and ability to concentrate. A student who takes regular breakfast performs well  in complex visual tasks.

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Add following in your breakfast

If you are in hurry then pick up any fruit- apple, banana, orange etc.
Take a glass of milk
Brown bread with a layer of butter or vegetable sandwich
Boiled egg may be an option
Do not take packaged juice. Take fresh organic fruit or vegetable juice.
Yogurt  smoothies  with banana, berries or mango.
Poha, idli or vegetable upma are a good choice.
Oats are full of fiber so give you satiety feeling for a long time.
For good health take healthy nutritious breakfast full of carbohydrate, fiber, and protein. By proper breakfast, we fulfill our daily requirement  of nutrients. So make a habit do not skip it.
Next time no excuse to skip morning meal due to a shortage of time. Get up early eat  nutritious breakfast and shine for the whole day.
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