Sleep and Health – Why good sleep is important for health ?

 Sleep importance for our health

Good sleep is necessary for every human being.Today I am talking about the most important thing of our daily routine that is SLEEP. Like food, water, and oxygen, we require proper this for good health.  Disturbed sleep is most frequent health complaints to the physicians. More than 50% of adults face a problem of sleep disorders in their life. It may be poor in the night or sleepiness in daytime that affects their daily working. Due to these disturbances person have some medical problems or psychiatric conditions.
Good sleep for our health

Sleep physiology and wakefulness

In general, most of the adults take 7-8 hour per day. Timing, duration, and pattern of sleep vary from person to person. This pattern may be affected by age also. This also disturbed by an environment, drugs or due to some illness. Studies by the University of California proved that 3% of people feel good by 6 hours of sleep due to a gene they have. This prepares us for whole day energy and relaxation. During sleep, our muscles have time to repair and release of hormones needed for growth and development.

States and stages of sleep

Two states 
 (1) NREM- nonrapid eye movement sleep. NREM  has 4 stages. Both of these two make a cycle. NREM  75% of night and REM 25% of night time.
When we fall asleep first we enter in NREM. It has 4 stages;
Stage 1
Between awakening and falling asleep
Light sleep
Stage 2
Heart rate and respiration become regular
Stage 3 and 4
Muscle and tissue  repair
Growth hormone released
Restoration of energy
(2) REM  25% of night
            Repeat after every 90 minutes. During this time brain become more active. We see dreams. Energy to brain and body increases One third of our life we spend in sleep to stay fit for rest two third of life. So good sleep is necessary for health. This affects our looks, energy level and performance. So quality and quantity both are important.

                                                                                             Sleep Disorder


Difficulty falling asleep or if you wake in the night difficult to return sleep.  Our brain has sleep cycle and wakes up cycle. When this cycle disturbs we have sleep disturbance or insomnia.
Occasional bouts of disturbance are normal and called acute. When this disturbance occurs three nights per week for three months or longer doctor say this chronic. If you have chronic insomnia then consult your doctor.

Symptoms of insomnia

Difficulty falling asleep
Wake up in the night and unable to sleep again
Wake up in the early morning
Feel  sleepiness during day time
Inactive and lethargy during the day
Do not feel fresh after wake up
Loss of interest in routine activities
Behavioral problems
Women are more affected than men. Pregnancy, menstrual problems, and menopause may also be a cause of insomnia in women.
Medical conditions related to respiratory and gastrointestinal system also cause disturbances.In sleep apnoea, disturbs in the night. Some psychiatric condition like depression and mania may be the cause. 

Sleep Management

Nonmedical treatments
Relaxation training
Breathing  exercises
Cognitive behavior therapy
In this person learn to change the behavior-  fix pattern of going to bed and wake up time. In this, thinking about fear and beliefs for change by attending sessions. After CBT improvement occurs.
Medical treatment
Which medicine is right for your condition please consult the doctor. Do not take over the counter drug without consulting.

Sleep Hygiene

Sleep hygiene means a different type of practices so we stay alerted during the daytime.
Maintain fix timetable for a wake-up and sleeping time throughout the week.In the bedroom calm and quiet environment.
Do not take a nap more than 30 minutes in the day.
Take good and healthy diet -Avoid heavy spicy food in dinner. Take light meal.
Avoid coffee, alcohol or tea at bed time.
Do exercise and yoga in the morning or evening.
Take natural light in the day because it maintains your sleep-wake cycle.
Go to bed in a relaxing mood.
  If you have a problem follow these hygiene steps to stay healthy. It is very much important for our life so please give priority to taking adequate sleep.
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