Diabetic Diet Plan Control Your Diabetes Naturally

 Diabetic Diet Plan Control Your  Diabetes Naturally

If you have diabetes or you are pre-diabetic than its time to control it. By natural ways with your medical management keep watch on blood sugar level. Our first aim is to normalize our blood sugar level. A diabetic diet plans with physical activity and reduces body weight has the most important role in the management of diabetes. Nowadays due to lifestyle changes and bad eating habits incidence of increases. Sometimes a person does not know his sugar level. One day when he consults a doctor for other illness. Then doctor advised him for routine health investigations. He surprised to see the raised blood sugar level. Do not worry to know this. By few changes in eating habits and lifestyle, you can control it.

Diabetic diet plan

A diabetic diet plan tells us how much and what type of food good for us.  Right diet plan keeps your blood sugar and cholesterol within normal limits. Your blood pressure become normal. Apart from your medical treatment, we make some diet plan. Diet has a major role in the management of diabetes. Nutrients need to a diabetic person not special. The only change in food choice is a must for carbohydrates. In our diet plan, we take some useful steps. By following these steps we can control our sugar level.



Diabetic Diet planning tools

The Plate method

Carb counting

Healthy low glycemic foods

Targeted nutrients


Everything you can eat has some effects on your sugar level. The Proper diet plan is necessary to control and prevent you from diabetes.

To  know how your food affects on glucose level

By knowing about Glycemic index and Glycemic load we can judge which food item is best for you.

Glycemic index or glycemic load

GI means how quickly food turns into glucose in the body and rise in blood sugar level.

GL is based on glycemic index. It is calculated by carbohydrate content in the food multiply by GI divide by 100. This is the amount of carb present in the food and how much gram of carb raise the blood glucose level. It is important to factor in diabetes management. For food one serving  GL less than 10 is low and more than 20 is high. Food low in GL is best for diabetics.

GI values are three types

  1. GI values 55 or less

Fructose, Beans, Most vegetables, fruits, whole grains, small seeds, fat, protein.

  1. Medium GI values 56-69

Sucrose or white sugar, not intact whole wheat, basmati rice, unpeeled boiled potato, prunes, raisins, grapes, banana, ice cream, pita bread

  1. High GI values 70 or above

Glucose, white bread, white rice, corn flakes, high fructose corn syrup, sweet potato, refined grains, refined sugar.

Low GI food releases sugar slowly and suitable for after meal blood sugar levels. High GI food rapidly increases the blood sugar level and suitable for recovery of energy after exercise or in hypoglycemia.

Healthy diabetic diet

A typical healthy diet high in fiber with fruits and vegetables, low in sugar and saturated fat.

Low carbohydrate intake 30 gm per day. People with diabetes become vegetarians benefited from 8 serving of fruits and vegetables per day.

Foods like nuts, vegetables, fruits and legumes are beneficial due to high dietary fiber content.

Maitake mushroom has a hypoglycemic effect due to alpha glucosidase inhibitor. This is beneficial in diabetes management.

Avoi food in

People with diabetes avoid food with added sugar or honey like pastries, candies, and desserts.Also avoid starchy vegetable potato, carrot, peas, tomato and beans, Avoid pasta, cereals, rice; preserved fruit juices.

Control your weight and do exercise regularly.

Diabetic people should not take alcohol on empty stomach. Eat starchy foods with alcohol.

Diabetics  meal timing

The timing of meals is important for diabetic people. If patient check blood sugar at bedtime and it will be low below 108 mg/dl then take long acting carbohydrates to prevent night hypoglycemia. Sign of nocturnal hypoglycemia- night sweats, restlessness, headache and morning hyperglycemia. Patient must consult their doctor for this.

Diabetic diet

G I Diet

If you take a diet low in the glycemic index it controls your diabetes. Avoid food high GI like potato and white bread. Eat multi-grain bread, legumes, whole grains that slowly convert into glucose.

Pritikin diet

Consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and high carbohydrates. When you take this diet than must do exercise.

Low  Carbohydrate  Diet

In this diet replace carbohydrate with fats. Fat is the primary source of energy for body so less insulin resistance. You can take nuts, oils, eggs, seeds, vegetables and meat.

High fiber diet

Diet rich in fiber control the blood sugar equal to oral diabetic drugs. Every diabetic person regularly takes high fiber diet.

According to American Diabetes Association natural foods should be taken by a diabetic person. These are minimal processed and free from any artificial thing.

We can lower the glycemic load of our diet by eating more beans, legumes, vegetables, fruits. You must add a moderate amount of healthy fats and proteins.

Vegetarian diet

This is pure 100 % vegetarian diet. If you eat pure vegetarian diet than mix vegetables, fruits, nuts, low-fat beans, whole grain low-fat dairy products. When you follow vegan diet than do not eat meat and any meat products. An only vegan diet with weight loss sufficient in diabetes management. When you eat more than 50 gm fiber it controls sugar level. Additional vitamin B12 supplement is necessary. Due to high fiber in diet keep you full for a long time.

Diabetic Diet-Health benefits of fiber

High fiber has the main role in controlling glucose level. It slows down the absorption of glucose and increases insulin level gradually. Soluble fiber makes a gel-like substance with water. These are legumes, apple and citrus fruits.

Eat more

Eat high fiber complex carbohydrates.

Fruits and vegetables mainly fresh, more colorful better.

High fiber bread and cereals made from legumes or whole grains.

Healthy fats from olive oil, fish oil, flaxseed, nuts and whole milk dairy.

High-quality protein eggs, milk, cheese, beans and unsweetened yogurt.

Eat less

White bread, pasta, rice and sugary cereals.

Trans fats from hydrogenated or deep fried foods.

Fast and packaged food like chips, sweets, desserts and high in sugar.

Red and processed meat from animals fed on antibiotics, growth hormones, and GMO food.

Reduce soda, juice, and soft drinks.

Avoid food with high in GI like starch and sugar. Due to high GI, they rapidly broke down and raise the sugar level.

Natural sweetener for diabetics   

Stay away from sweets is very much difficult for everyone. If you have diabetes then enjoy a small portion of your dessert. Slowly reduce your sugar intake. Eat sweets with a meal so sugar level does not rise immediately.

Stevia: This herb is known for 1500 years. It is calorie free so does not affect glucose level. You can use either liquid concentrate or powdered form.

Xylitol: Looks like simple sugar. It is not calorie free but digests slowly. Less effect on sugar level.

Best supplements for diabetes diet

Nutritional support is a must for diabetic people. Due to increase urination in diabetes lots of nutrients flush out from your body. So in diabetes vitamin and mineral deficiencies occur. You can take regularly vitamins and minerals in the diabetic diet. Good supplements reduce the risk of infection and improve immunity. With medical treatment, some herbs and supplements help to control blood sugar level. First, consult your doctor then add these in your treatment plan.

Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B6 and B12 is good for nerve health so help in diabetic neuropathy. Biotin another B complex used in formation and utilization of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. You will take 75 mg Vit B6, 150 mcg Vit B12, 300 mcg  Biotin daily.

Vitamin C

Take 1000 mg vitamin C daily. Vitamin C reduce the level of sorbitol sugar. That will be helpful for healthy eyes, nerves and kidney functions.

Vitamin D

2000 IU  vitamin D in the form of cholecalciferol or D3 daily. This vitamin keeps you away from infections.

Vitamin E

This is a good fat soluble antioxidant. Prevents nerves and blood vessels from free radical damage. Everyone take 200 IU vitamin E daily. Only in a natural form either d-alpha-tocopherol or d-alpha-toco phenyl. Do not take synthetic vitamin E.


Magnesium  500 – 1000 mg daily normalize blood sugar level by a decrease in insulin resistance.

Chromium 200 – 400 mcg daily helps insulin work better.


Cinnamon as whole or its extract helps in lowering fasting blood sugar. It improves insulin sensitivity in person with diabetes. It has strong antioxidant.  Add ¼ to ½ teaspoon powdered cinnamon in hot water or tea or coffee. Daily taking 1 gm of this reduce blood glucose level up to 20%.

Bitter melon or Bitter gourd

This is used in diabetes-related conditions in some countries like South America and Asia. But human studies for its role is insufficient. It has an effect on lower sugar and insulin resistance.

Green Tea

It contains polyphenol as antioxidant. Its role in lower the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


This herb can be used to control diabetes due to its hypoglycemic activity. High in fiber, it slows down the absorption of carbohydrates.

Indian Gooseberry or Amla

Rich source of vitamin C has antioxidant property prevents free radical damage. It good for pancreas functioning.

Black Plum or Indian blackberry

This fruit is native to India also called as Jamun. Every part of this fruit is used in diabetes control. Used it either fresh fruit or dried seeds powder.

Mango Leaves

Fresh and tender mango leaves are good to control blood sugar and lipid level. Use fresh or dried leaves powder.

Diabetes preventing foods

Researchers says apples and blueberries have diabetes preventing property. 5 Apples in a week decrease 23 percent risk. Blueberries 2-3 serving in a week has the same effect. They are rich in a special type of flavonoids.

Enjoy dark chocolate

Italian researchers found that a square or two of dark chocolate on alternate have the effect on sugar level and insulin sensitivity. Eat in a moderate amount which has cocoa 70% or more.

 Lifestyle changes

To handle your prediabetes or diabetes situation you will follow these four steps.

Low glycemic diet:  Best diabetic diet prepared from food low in GI. Add green vegetables, beans and legumes in your diet. These are high in fiber so important role in diabetes management. When we make healthy food choice to improve overall health. It prevents diabetes complications on other body systems. You have to take extra care in your diet. Take healthy diet to prevent complications and nutritional deficiencies. Healthy eating includes a variety of healthy food:



Whole grains


Lean meat

Nonfat dairy products

Poultry and fish

Mix different food in your diet plan to take healthy nutrients. Take foods which are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Do not take processed food. Everyone can get benefit from healthy eating so make a diet plan with your family members.

Regular exercise:

A sedentary lifestyle is the main cause of diabetes. The researcher found that obese and overweight people exercise regular and ate low GI diet for three weeks reduce diabetic medication requirements.

Weight loss plan:  Diabetic person lose weight by doing regular exercise and eat low GI diet. By reducing weight you can control your sugar level.

Best food choices for diabetic diet

Whole grains: Whole grains means entire grains include germ, bran, and endosperm (starchy part ). Most popular grain is wheat. 100% whole wheat flour contain ground whole grain. Refined flour means only starchy part endosperm which is deficient in many nutrients.

Whole grain sources



Brown rice

Whole oats/ oatmeal


Buckwheat/ wheat flour




For cereals eat those contains more than 3 gm of fiber and less than 6 gm sugar.

Best choices of dried beans, lentils

Try to include these in your diet several times in a week. These are a rich source of protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.


Dried beans pinto, black, and lima

Black-eyed and split peas

Vegetarian baked beans

Fat-free refried beans

Carbohydrates counter tips

½ cup or 1 oz of starchy food contains 15 gm of carbohydrates. Starchy foods are the main source of carbohydrates in our food.

Create your plate with diabetic diet plan

A diabetic person creates a plate so no need to calculate calories. In your plate more nonstarchy vegetables and less amount of starchy foods and protein. Create your plate is an effective method to control your sugar and cholesterol level within normal limits. In your plate take 25% protein, 25% starchy food and grains, 50% of nonstarchy vegetables. It’s very simple add this method in your daily diet. Be regular and strictly follow this. You can achieve your target to control your weight and diabetes.

diabetic diet

25% protein:

Beans and Lentils

Nuts and Seeds






Soy nuggets and burgers

Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Pork

25% Grains and Starchy foods    




Sweet potato


Rice and brown rice



50% Nonstarchy vegetables








Add a fruit or a dairy product serving and also add water or unsweetened coffee or tea to complete diabetic diet plan.

Diabetic Diet breakfast ideas

Oatmeal with water or soy milk adds nuts and fruits.

Fruit smoothie with soy yogurt or soy milk.

Whole grain cereals with low-fat milk or soy milk.

Whole wheat toast with peanut butter and a fresh fruit.

With good diabetic diet plan, next important thing is to lose weight.  Adipose tissues or fat cells have an effect on insulin resistance.  So you take care of your weight to reverse insulin resistance. You maintain a daily exercise routine and healthy diabetic diet plan. Be happy lead healthy life and manage your diabetes.










  1. I have noticed that fenugreek leaves are very effective in controlling sugar level. However, I do not know if eating them regularly could drop the sugar level to below normal. Besides, it could be difficult in finding them in summer.

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