Top New year resolutions list that will definitely change your life

Like me, you are also busy to make New year resolutions. Again you get demoralized when you think for your last year resolutions. Every year we make new year resolutions but follow them for few weeks than our track changes. Why we all fail to complete our  New year journey?  More than 70 % resolutions are broken within a few weeks and we become discouraged.

New year resolutions


By these new year resolutions, you will encourage to become healthy and happy. Leave bad habits and follow good habits. This year we strictly follow them but most important is without taking more pressure. We all set a plan for what our new year resolutions but not make a plan how we resolve these steps.

For the successful journey, commitment is a must. Without commitment, we become relax and slowly we will going away from our goal. So this New year we resolve them with motivation and energy. We see New year great opportunity to change our life by some resolutions. Most popular resolutions make for fitness, health, quit bad habits and become more strong financially.

Healthy eating New year resolutions

More omega 3 in your diet

Researchers found that person eating more omega 3 in diet have a low risk of hypertension. Omega 3 fatty acids control your blood pressure and mood elevated effect.


Fatty fishes sardine salmon and tuna

Walnuts and flax seeds

Increase amount of  vegetables in diet

Generally, we do not eat three or more serving of vegetables. Vegetables are not so good in taste but they are more useful for our health. They contain lots of nutrients and fiber beneficial for overall health. Roasted veggies are tasty because by roasting their sugar become caramelizes.

Add more fiber to diet

Fiber is good in every aspect. They keep us healthy by preventing cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and some type of cancers. One more thing by eating more in diet we become slimmer. They control our weight also. Eat whole grains to get them. Usually, we eat less than 15 gm fiber per day. We need 20 to 38 gm per day.

Eat less meat

You cut down your meat from your diet not for environmental reasons but for your heart health. Replace this portion by adding soy and tofu. Doing this you eat less saturated fat so control your LDL level.

Cut down your sugar intake

We eat so much sugar to satisfy our taste buds.

Reduce sodium intake

Average daily sodium consumption less than 2300 mg per day. we normally take 3400 mg per day. More sodium intake affects our health. It is linked with high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Drink more water

At least 8 glasses water per day is necessary. Water keeps you hydrated.

Healthy drinks with overeating

If you take heavy breakfast then add a glass of fresh orange juice with it. Studies say by overeating we produce free radicals that are damaging our cells. Free radicals are the main cause of obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cancers. Orange juice is a rich source of vitamin C antioxidant.

Take a fruit like berries, kiwi, grapes, and cherries to neutralizes your free radicals.  When we take a heavy meal without add antioxidants it becomes harmful for health.

Drizzle vinegar on a salad with carbohydrate rich meal. Vinegar control rises sugar level after a heavy meal.

Drink wine in moderate amount. Cook in red wine or take a glass with dinner. It has antioxidants which neutralize bad effects of a fatty meal on the heart.

Add spices in your meal. A meal with 2 teaspoons of spices(cinnamon, turmeric, black pepper, cloves and oregano ) raise the antioxidants and reduce triglyceride and insulin level. They slow down fat absorption and free radical harmful effect after high fat and a high-calorie diet.

Wellness New year resolutions

Start meditation and cultivate mindfulness

Cultivate mindfulness through meditation. Do meditation for half an hour two times in a day. Initially, you will start with guided meditation. In starting do early morning and late evening. Meditation distresses you and rejuvenates your body. By this detoxification of body occurs. You get good sleep. Mindfulness gives you clarity of thoughts. Habit to live in present. Forget your painful past memories. Do not worry much about your future. Give your 100 % in the present is the best key to make future bright.

Mindfulness gives you clarity, joy, energy, and creativity. You can avoid stress and anxiety. More focus in the present time to lead happy and healthy life.

Spend time with you

To take care yourself is the most important priority. The whole day it will be difficult to have time for yourself. You are busy with your to-do list. You take care of kids, partner, elderly parents, and your sweet home. Interactions with others give you stress and anxiety. Now your main goal to create some space in your daily busy routine for you. Take sometimes break daily few minutes to an hour from your routine. Do things whatever you like. It may be reading a book, dancing, listening music or sit in a silence for some time. Take a break at weekend for refreshing.

Go for trip

This year make some plan in vacations to go for a trip with your family or friends. This trip makes you refresh for your daily routine. By this, you can give some time to your family and friends.

Take a walk

Make a routine for a morning walk at least 30 minutes daily. If you have no time then cover your small distance with walking. Avoid vehicle. Take the stairs in place of lift.

Stop complaining

Complaining gives you a negative feeling for others. Negativity produces stress hormones, practice to stay in the positive mood.

Give compliment

Complement giving habit is a good thing. Giving complement make someone happier. Create positive aura.

Pick up a new hobby

You pick up a new hobby as New year resolution. Hobbies give you relaxation. You become creative.

Read books

Reading books is a good hobby. You spend your some time for reading books whichever you like.

Learn something new every day

Add this resolution to your daily routine. Nowadays the internet is the best thing to learn new things. By this, you know things happen in your surroundings. Learn new things give you self-confidence.

Practice gratitude

You develop an attitude of gratitude. Be grateful every day before start a day and in the night before going to bed.  Feel grateful for everything you have in your life either it can be good health, family or good job. Gratitude gives you inner peace and strength.

Be positive

A positive attitude helps you live longer. Welcome, New year with a smile and resolve to stay positive in any difficult situation. This helps us to open our mind to new possibilities.

Say no

Saying no to those things which are not in our limits. So you do not feel pressure and stress.

No negative thinking

This New year resolution we stop negative thinking. Negative thoughts give anger, stress, and demoralization.

Less time on social media

Every time stick to social media is so frustrating for you and surrounding members. Plan your daily routine to keep these away from you. Because unnecessary readings give you stress. So free from these for some time in a day.

Healthy kitchen

Do not put fast food items in your kitchen. Make a habit for healthy food. Your kitchen will be free from insects and bad smell. Keep you freeze clean time to time.

Away from diseases or injuries

Health is wealth.Take healthy and balanced diet. In your busy schedule do not ignore your health. If necessary than for your routine check up regularly. Do not miss your doctor appointment. Make a habit of wearing helmet while driving two wheeler. Put sunscreen lotion when you are going outside in summer days.

Healthy family

Keep motivated your family members for their goals. Help them to make an exercise routine. Add more fruit and vegetables in meal plans.

Get more sleep

Sleeping more will be beneficial for your health. It prevents us from some cancers. Regulate appetite and improves our memory. Make habit early to bed and early to rise.

Stay in touch with family and friends

Do not focus completely on your career or job. This year give some time to strengthening your relationship with your family members.

Quit smoking

As you know smoking is not good for health. In your new year resolution quit smoking is important.

Save money

Stop unnecessary shoppings. Do not waste your hard earn money without solid reason. Save money secure your future.

Volunteer work

Do some volunteer work with your group or in your colony or in your office. This will give you self-satisfaction. Doing volunteer work for others give you happy feeling.

Do not give up

Problems in our life can be improved. Giving up means we surrendering to unfavorable conditions. In this situation we think positive “ I CAN, I CAN.”

Forgive someone

Make a habit to forgive a person who harms you.

Control your  anger

Anger has bad effects on your health and your surroundings.

Stop watching TV

Studies say people watching TV for more than 4 hours a day  80 % die due to heart diseases. Long sitting and inactivity lead to obesity. If you have time do some creative things.

Pay off loan

You pay off your loan and feel free from that pressure.

Remember the important dates

Write down in your diary or store in a phone important dates like birthday, anniversaries of your loved ones. So they feel good and cared for it.

Set your goals to complete your New year resolutions

Your goals should be SMART

Simple and specific

Your goals are simple and specific. Set your goals straight not complicated so you achieve them easily. It is clear in your mind what will you want by these goals. Break the goal into smaller steps. If you decide to quit a bad habit than do it in steps.


You can set a scale to measure your goals. You can check how much distance away from your target.


Before starting your workout you judge yourself goals are within your limit of time and resources. Incomplete preparation and resources are a hurdle in your achievement.

Real one

Your goals are within reality not beyond your limits. If goals are real then you can achieve easily.

Time bound

Time bound targets are always achievable. Anyone can complete their tasks if there is a time limit. You can set your time limit with your actions.

Ask for help

Take a help from professional for help if needed.

Start each goal with positive attitude

To complete your goals your attitude will in a positive way.  With positive thinking, you stay more energetic and hopeful.

Set you priorities

First, you set your priority list and then complete them one by one. Do not be confused. Not do half-heartedly. If you wish to succeed than stay energetic and positive.

Write down your New year resolutions

To stay focus we write down our goals in a list. We read it daily.

Commit to your resolutions

You get success from right now if you commit to achieving your target. The first thing your resolutions are within your limits. These are in a simple way so you can fulfill them easily. Do not get pressure to do unattainable goals. You feel free and relax to start your New year journey.

You make an imaginary picture in your mind about your New year resolutions. How do you feel? How do you look? By answering these questions you will be motivated.

New year resolutions are so complicated to achieve them require a lot of efforts. Quitting bad habits is difficult to everyone. With motivation and positive attitude we are able to reach our goal.

If you want something to change in your life then do it in daily routine. Start with small steps. Do not worry if you break once or twice your promise. Keep going and remember your New year resolutions. At the end of the year when looking back then you become happy.

If you like my post please give your comments. Share your New year resolutions with your family and friends.

Good luck! Happy new year


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