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Ozone Air Purifiers - Damaging to Your Health

Posted on August 9, 2023 by Cleveland Boeser

Ozone electronic home air cleaners have been the reason for much recent controversy. Help with by many manufacturers as a effective and safe solution to remove odors out of your home, many brands, including Prozone electronic home air cleaners, attended under fire from other authorities on indoor air cleaners, who declare that ozone is unsafe. And, unfortunately for the manufacturers of the ozone electronic home air cleaners, it could seem that the data turning up against them is quite weighty.

While a lot of us may not understand the workings of an ozone air cleanser, we all have been familiar with the word from environmentalists, who've been urging us for a long time to do something contrary to the depletion of the earth's natural protective shield, the ozone layer. But because it can be an important section of our planet's outer atmosphere, this will not necessarily mean it really is ideal for human exposure. And a growing quantity of evidence shows that this is a disagreement where ozone electronic home air cleaners should lose.

Ozone, found in indoor air cleaners just like the Prozone air cleanser, includes a scientific formula like the oxygen that people require to survive: it really is O3 to oxygen's O2. But what may be a subtle numerical difference to the layperson is, actually, an extremely important distinction.

The ozone found in ozone electronic home air cleaners is really a highly unstable molecule, unlike oxygen, and contains a tendency to bond with other substances. This is one way indoor air cleaners containing ozone work: the ozone molecule bonds with those nasty odors, eliminating their pungent effects. However the instability of the molecule implies that it really is indiscriminate using what it bonds, and therefore once let lose in the human lungs, it could cause a large amount of damage.

While indoor air cleaners can raise the quality of air in a house, an ozone air cleanser could be detrimental to your wellbeing. If you have family who would like to enhance the quality of these lives by detatching the tiny things in the air that produce them cough and splutter, avoid ozone electronic home air cleaners - they'll only make the problem worse.

Ozone electronic home air cleaners, maybe not the very best electronic home air cleaners.