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What To Do With Dry Eye After Lasik

Posted on February 14, 2024 by Cleveland Boeser

Lasik eye surgery is for those who are nearsighted or farsighted and also have astigmatism. This surgery changes the curvature of the cornea, that is the outermost area of the eye. This enables the individual to see with no need for glasses or contacts.

Most folks have no trouble making use of their vision correction surgery. Significantly less than 1% of individuals who have this sort of surgery done actually experience any unwanted effects. It really is done on an outpatient basis & most people can go back to work also to their usual activities your day after surgery. Much like any surgery, there's always the chance of unwanted effects. Among the possible Lasik complications is having chronic dry eyes after Lasik surgery. This is actually the most typical complaint of patients who've had eye surgery. The explanation for that is that vision correction surgery reduces the quantity of lubrication a patient's eyes normally receive.

Dry eye problems can run the spectrum from less serious to much more serious. An individual can experience itching, redness, and also pain after vision correction surgery. For a few the thing is minor and will be solved with artificial teardrops or other styles of drops or topical treatments for the eyes. Other folks discover that taking flax seed oil caplets helps, and that utilizing a humidifier within their home also relieves that dry, scratchy feeling. For most patients, their eyes go back to their normal or near normal lubrication levels in the weeks and months following their eye surgery.

If the dry eye problem is much more serious, a little plug could be inserted that prevents tears from likely to the nose and for that reason permits more lubrication in the attention. This plug could be removed in the foreseeable future if the dry eye problem is resolved.

The easiest way in order to avoid any Lasik complications or unwanted effects would be to choose your ophthalmologist wisely. Ensure that they have the correct credentials and also have done a lot of successful vision correction surgeries. Don't be swayed by discount offers on Lasik that seem too good to be true. You need to always have an appointment together with your surgeon ahead of having almost any surgery. An excellent surgeon can tell you if you're an excellent candidate because of this kind of surgery, and can inform you if you wouldn't normally reap the benefits of Lasik. A skilled ophthalmologist may also be able to assist you to should you choose experience dry eyes after Lasik surgery, they'll be able to assist you to deal with the issue and lessen your discomfort before problem is resolved. To obtain quality vision correction surgery, you have to be ready to pay a competitive price for this and research your options when choosing a health care provider.