Meditation Benefits For Our Health- Improve Your Life


What’s Meditation?

Meditation is that which gives you deep relaxation.  In  Meditation simply sits and allows the mind to stay away from any thoughts. The relaxation in meditation is deeper than the deepest sleep which you could ever have.  When mind turns into free from anxiety,tension, and thought process, meditation starts.
Benefits of meditation

How you can meditate:

Sit in a  distraction-free  and calm space in your home, although you are able to do it sitting in your chair on the place of job in the course of lunch-hour, too!
Make certain the lighting is soothing and the ventilation adequate .
Do it early morning with empty stomach.
Start after some warm up and exercise and deep breathing for few seconds.
That you can listen to guided meditations, but it’s better  to start with a group.
Do at the same time daily, so it becomes a routine habit.  Early morning is  most effective time.
Do not overdo it.  Start with 10-15 minutes . 
Switch off  the mobile phone.  Tell your household you are on do not Disturb mode for a short period of time until your meditation is over.
And, please wear loose garments, ideally of normal material.

Significance of meditation

It is meal for the soul:  it nourishes the common values of compassion, caring and sharing, accountability, non-violence, and peacefulness.  It helps us to know our values.  These are essential things for  us.
Humankind has an innate tendency to seem for a pleasure that doesn’t cut down, and meditation fulfills this.

Benefits of meditation

Increases attention span

By doing continuous this more than 6 months it increases attention capacity. Article from  LiveScience states that meditation can use to treat  ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Improvement in memory

If you have a problem to remember things than its better to start this. It improves memory. This study showed that students do meditation 10-20 minutes daily for two weeks score higher  marks in the exam than others.

Strong will power

We need strong will power to face failures In the life. By regular meditation our will power becomes strong.  EocInstitute article cited that area of the brain deal with will power become more active.

Improvement  in  creativity

This  article by ScienceDaily,states that different form of meditation can increase your creativity.

Increase level of feel good chemicals

Endorphins are for happiness and body use it as an internal pain killer.
GABA  inhibitory effect on CNS and relieve anxiety keep us calm down. 27% increase in GABA after 60 minutes doing it daily.
DHEA is the longevity molecule. As age advances DHEA level decreases. In research found that 43% more DHEA in person doing regular  than others. So if you want to stay young than start this from today.

Effect on blood pressure

In today scenario everyone is under stress. So due to stress, there is increased the level of blood pressure. By doing this, we keep it under control.

Role in de-addiction program

It helps in drug addiction. It creates neural network that is stopped after childhood  published in the article by psychotherapist  Ronald Alexander.
Now you know wonderful effects of meditation on our health. In other words, benefits of this are endless. So be ready to do it  from next morning.

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