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Most of the people facing  indigestion problems in their life.  Indigestion or dyspepsia means feeling discomfort in the upper abdomen. There may be pain, burning, belching and fullness in the upper abdomen. If these symptoms do not change for a long time then no serious problem.  Simple antacids  and change in lifestyle give better results . If you have no improvements after 2 weeks then consult your doctor. Indigestion is different from heartburn in which burning pain in epigastrium radiates towards neck or back.

Indigestion or Dyspepsia

More common symptoms-
Pain and discomfort in upper abdomen
Feeling  full   during or just after  meal
Less common symptoms-
Burning  in upper abdomen


Indigestion  most of the time no serious problem. 
Some factors are responsible for this:
Spicy or greasy  foods
Overeating and fast eating
Exercise immediately after meals
Too  much caffeine
Anxiety, depression or stress
Tobacco smoking
Drugs-NSAID (pain killer), Aspirin
Other causes of indigestion:
Gastro-oesophageal reflux disease
Hiatus hernia
Peptic ulcer
Irritable bowel syndrome
Lactose intolerance


You can take care at home
Do not eat spicy and greasy food.
Avoid fast food.
Do not eat a heavy meal instead take a small meal at a short interval.
Avoid aspirin and NSAID drugs if necessary take after a meal.
Avoid too much caffeine or alcohol.
Quit smoking
Reduce your weight if you obese.
Mild symptoms relieved by taking antacids, H2 Receptor antagonists, Proton pump inhibitors regularly for some time.

Take help of medical professional if

Sometimes the patient does not understand these symptoms due to cardiac or gastric problem so consult with a doctor is necessary at that time.
Symptoms not relieved after 2 weeks.
Burning in the stomach
Unexplained weight loss
Associated abdominal pain
Problem in swallowing
Yellow color of skin and eyes
Bleeding in vomit or in stool


Patient history
Blood test
Ultrasonography of abdomen
Endoscopy  of gastrointestinal tract.

Natural remedies for indigestion

Ginger is famous for the cure of stomach upset. Take a capsule of ginger or a cup of ginger tea helps.
Peppermint oil
Take 2 ml three times in a day. You also take dry peppermint dissolve in  a cup of cold or hot water.
Fennel or Anise seed
Dried powder or make a tea with water relieve intestinal spasm.
Coriander and cardamom
Take dried seed powder  10 gm cardamom and 60 gm coriander and boil with 3 cups of water till reduced to half. 3-4 tsp three times in a day.
Cumin seed
1 tsp crushed seed boil for 15 minutes with 2 cup water. 1-2 cups per day.
Mix 5 gm powder with 1 cup water and drink it two times in a day.
Indigestion problem more or less related to lifestyle. If you try to change your habits of eating or change in lifestyle then you can get a benefit.
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